Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority New Bus Route Promotional Posters

CARTA Bus Route Posters

Using inspiration from travel agency promotions from the 1930’s and 40’s, these new bus route posters were meant to invoke a feeling of nostalgia in a city known as a historical tourist destination.

Each poster was illustrated from photos provided by the marketing department at CARTA (Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority).

Drawing on designs from the past, with adding modern illustration and color schemes, the designs were incorporated into vehicle wraps, postcards and multiple other promotional items.


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Design Thinking

Various Visual Designs

Carta Counts Car Wrap 2012
Carta Counts Logo
SCFDA Palmetto Director Winter 2012
Golf Guide Advertising
CARTA Bus Tracker Online Advertising
360 HOA Management
BillieJoe Catalog
Soogar Logo Design
Rowell Printing Design Big Ad
Amore Logo Design
SCFDA Palmetto Director Fall 2011
WunderWicks Logo Design